Saturday, January 20, 2018

Who cares if the government shuts down?

CHIP and DACA should have been put to a vote long ago. The Republicans want to use issues everyone actually supports to goad the Democrats into voting for issues the Dems don't support.

For the Republicans it is their way period. There is no negotiation, no input from others at all, even the citizenry. They are determined to impose their ideology on the US whether we want it or not. Their supporters are not the majority but they are loud. They have their own media which their supporters sincerely believe is factual.

The Republicans have established a cult of people who believe our government has no business helping those who for one reason or another can't help themselves adequately. They would starve the government to the point where there are no health or safety regulations to protect people from greed and prejudice, environmental disasters or judicial malfeasance. They refuse to accept the fact that diversity is critical for future viability. They believe their religion is the way to peace and security even tho they refuse to acknowledge let alone follow the teachings of their alleged leader Jesus Christ. They have divided the US by fear of others they consider different and therefore wrong. They have established monetary profit as the only worthwhile goal. They believe every enterprise will function better if there is a profit motive even tho history shows that private prisons encourage injustice, drug companies charge obscene amounts in the US while giving other countries deep discounts, for profit schools for which success is not measured by any standard procedure and the military/industrial complex has no accountability.

In short Republicans are self-serving to the detriment of society. They have no interest in community or in anyone who can't do something for them. And they believe that attitude is good and right.

I don't.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Rants on politics - 3 October 2017

A high school classmate's comment on Facebook:

What has happened to the political Left?!!! I have followed politics and Party differences for as long as I can remember and have never seen such a deep animosity towards Heartland America as we see today from the Left! I can't believe this is just from getting their feelings hurt over the election upset!! There has been a growing deep hatred towards the Right that began at with the last administration! And sadly our own Democratic "leaders" and mainstream media keep throwing fuel on to this raging fire!!! No matter what President Trump does to help America to become great again, the Left turns against him! He is helping all Americans to get on their feet and live in a secure and prosperous Homeland!! He wants to eliminate the enhanced racial tensions that began over eight years ago! He wants to provide jobs for every able bodied American, and provide aid for those who truly need it! Why does the Left want to keep everything suppressed, including the people????!!!!
We must get our Nation back as one America, we must stop the identification of American's by the color of skin or origin!!! We must stop this deep political divide so full of hate!!! We have to have differences of opinion of course, but not total obstructionism! And we must have an honest media to inform America, and the World what is really happening, not this continued twisting of the truth!! One Nation Under God!!!!

OK, I got on that soap box before my second cup of coffee! But, these things need to be said and said loudly!!!!

My response:
GOP are crybabies. Mean old Democrats in Congress are doing what the Republicans did to Obama. No mind that they are trying to protect the population from the Wall Street greed that wants to make the US a third world country and is being quite successful thanks to purchased politicians. What has Trump done for unity? He tweets bitter criticism for all but white male citizens and even takes some of them on when they disagree with him. He has appointed and supported known racists. Where are the jobs? The stability generated during the Obama administration is carrying us on. The GOP in Congress wants to eliminate all support for those unable to support themselves via Medicaid and evil welfare. They just let lapse the CHIP program for kids. Has Trump spoken against this? No. What does Trump do when there is a crisis? He goes golfing at his own resort illegally at taxpayers' expense. Did Obama create racial tension? He can't help it that his father was black and he couldn't erase the fear white folks have of losing control. Trump has exploited that division of races even farther with his travel bans and his appointees. If you really want to get back to an America that works together you need to get rid of Fox Entertainment and minimize the efforts of Limbaugh, Breitbart and Infowars among others who constantly flame the fires. Yes there are radicals on the left. The ones I know well are radical for people not against them like the radical Republicans who are unwilling to share any responsibility if it costs them a dollar. And by the way, the Christianists who want to impose their form of sharia law on the rest of us need to read the red words in their KJVs not just listen to their prejudiced pastors. I'm all for civil society where we can agree to disagree and fight for what we believe will help all. But the idea that one tv entertainment station has all the answers and everyone else is wrong is the worst thing that even happened to the USA. And to think that it does is intentional ignorance which doesn't help anyone. Get out there and fight for health care, equal education, a living wage, freedom from religion, equal justice for all people, welcoming talent from other countries, preservation of sacred and unique lands, a healthy environment, development of renewable energy sources, and all the other issues that the Trump administration has decided don't provide enough profit for the super wealthy. Fight to get money out of elections or make Congress wear Nascar-like patches saying who owns them. Make Trump and his administration honor the Constitution. Include Democrats and especially women in policy making. Then I will have some respect for the majority of the GOP. Then maybe we can discuss what to do about health care, taxes, jobs, etc.. I'm not holding my breath. Now I need to make another pot of coffee.

His response:
Good morning Shel! Have missed our disagreements!

My response:
So have I.  It's always good to see what the other is thinking. Have a great day. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

And yet another Facebook account

If you don't know my name, ask in the comments. I deleted Tim's account. Too crazy to try to keep  up with two with the same Friends. This is her photo.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Life without Facebook

Somebody apparently told Facebook that I'm not the person who has been posting as me. I was told I had to send a photo id with my name and birthdate to Facebook. They received it and said they would check into it then let me know their decision. 

How frustrating!!!!!

I can't report on the Infinity.
I can't post a Tim photo.
I can't boast about helping a friend buy a backup device and a new printer then installing those plus the new modem.
I feel lost and alone.

And I need Facebook when I travel.

Meanwhile this is what I see on Google Chrome whenever a photo of Trump appears. LOL.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Tim visits her old abode on a cold December day

Today Tim decided to go out into the 24°F cold icy reality she used to have to endure.  She looked for the open garage door that she and her "friends" used to get shelter. She looked a little confused when she found it closed. I donned my boots, opened the people door for her and turned the lights on. 

She carefully explored everywhere. The kayak belongs to a neighbor. When Tim lived in the barn this was a large open space. In cold weather there would be boxes with blankets, heated water, a tent to keep the heat in and a heater if it was bitterly cold. The cats were fed twice a day.

I was surprised she went everywhere carefully checking with eyes and nose.

She was able to do a little climbing which was also unusual. She has been willing to eat food with Cosequin in it. Her arthritis seems to be lessening a bit as a result.

After sniffing all the blankets and foam Tim checked out the box.

She seemed to be saying, "This is how it used to be."

She started to leave then got distracted by something she smelled.

Finally she just sat and looked at me for a bit.

She looked around and told me something important then lay down as if she planned to stay. I turned the lights out and left the door open. Eventually she returned to the house and retreated to her cave in the bedroom where she stayed all afternoon.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Clinton/Kaine Rally, Pittsburgh, PA, Saturday 22 October 2016

This rally was quite different from the Trump rally in Erie. The venue was much smaller so the crowd was crowded and the auditorium was opened for the overflow. Around 3000 apparently. My friend Peg with her guide dog Reggie got us around the line and into a seated area. Yea.


I liked the Planned Parenthood posters. 

Arkansas Travelers

I don't know who the ladies in front of us were but they got lots of attention from others including selfies with them.

She sang the National Anthem a cappella and did an excellent job of it

I don't remember if they said she was the head of Pittsburgh or Allegheny County Dem Party.

Signers alternated.

I voted for this guy.

Pittsburgh's mayor

No clue who he is.

The 96 year old next to us. He stood and watched Clinton for a little while. His daughter was friendly.

There were quite a few youngsters.

Love her shirt.

And her leggings.

With the Rooneys. Couldn't get a decent photo.


Lots of Secret Service whose facial expressions never changed.

Proving I was there.

Taking photos around this fellow while trying to avoid an extremely bright spotlight was a challenge. Many of the photos look washed out thanks to the extremely brightly lit auditorium.

Reggie didn't care. He was mostly well-behaved.

I was one person too far to get to shake hands with her. She walked along in front of us listening to what people had to say. Note the Secret Service guy with the never changing expression.