Saturday, January 20, 2018

Who cares if the government shuts down?

CHIP and DACA should have been put to a vote long ago. The Republicans want to use issues everyone actually supports to goad the Democrats into voting for issues the Dems don't support.

For the Republicans it is their way period. There is no negotiation, no input from others at all, even the citizenry. They are determined to impose their ideology on the US whether we want it or not. Their supporters are not the majority but they are loud. They have their own media which their supporters sincerely believe is factual.

The Republicans have established a cult of people who believe our government has no business helping those who for one reason or another can't help themselves adequately. They would starve the government to the point where there are no health or safety regulations to protect people from greed and prejudice, environmental disasters or judicial malfeasance. They refuse to accept the fact that diversity is critical for future viability. They believe their religion is the way to peace and security even tho they refuse to acknowledge let alone follow the teachings of their alleged leader Jesus Christ. They have divided the US by fear of others they consider different and therefore wrong. They have established monetary profit as the only worthwhile goal. They believe every enterprise will function better if there is a profit motive even tho history shows that private prisons encourage injustice, drug companies charge obscene amounts in the US while giving other countries deep discounts, for profit schools for which success is not measured by any standard procedure and the military/industrial complex has no accountability.

In short Republicans are self-serving to the detriment of society. They have no interest in community or in anyone who can't do something for them. And they believe that attitude is good and right.

I don't.