Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cats by night


Little One

Friday, August 14, 2009

Why it's easy to be anti-gay

It's very easy to tell someone else to suck it up and carry a cross--as long as you don't have to carry it with them.

IT has written an excellent post on the blog The Friends of Jake.

Episcopal baseball

The Suffragan Bishop for Baseball has posted the following rubrics for the observation of baseball in the Episcopal Church:

Every game is a double-header. The early game is played by National League rules. The later game is played by American League rules.

Read the rest at Andrew Plus.

PS: Contrary what some Episcopal bloggers would have you believe, you do not have to be a Red Sox fan to be welcome in The Episcopal Church. You might, however, be careful what jersey you wear.

Friday cat blogging

Little One butts in on Dude's breakfast. Dudie usually yields the food to the kitten. But Little One only wants to eat with Dude. It doesn't matter that there are plenty of other places for her to eat. I stay outside and try to pet her when she invades Dudie's breakfast. She usually runs away while Dude keeps on eating. I did manage a short scritch this morning.

Little One seems to have awakened a bit of the kitten that Jellico hasn't outgrown.

They aren't visible but you can hear the next folks wanting breakfast. As soon as the the cats have gone, the crows and bluejays will descend for the goodies.

Friday shuffle

1. Home is Where the Heart is - Conne & Babe
2. Porpoise Song - Monkees
3. Elgar: O Wild West Wind! - Finzi Singers
4. Jamaica Farewell -Harry Belafonte
5. Earth Angel - Penquins
6. Dizzy - Tommy Roe
7. Beethoven: Elegiac Song - Shaw, Atlanta
8. Beginnings - Chicago
9. Crazy - Patsy Cline
10. He Will Break Your Heart - Jerry Butler

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Christian nation?

In a recent NYT opinion piece, Barbara Ehrenreich asks "Is it now a crime to be poor?" Her article is disturbing to me tho obviously not to others.

So many are so desperate to inflict their "Christian" religion on the US. They seem to believe that all will be well if we all share their prejudices. What we do to the least of us, we do to Jesus. Um. By rejecting the poor, aren't we rejecting Jesus?


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday church blogging

Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, Hermitage, PA