Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday cat blogging

If you really need to see a cat on Friday, check out Simon.

Friday shuffle

1. A Whiter Shade of Pale - Procol Harum
2. Lucky Man - Emerson, Lake and Palmer
3. I Am Not a Whore - LMFAO - you'll have to look this up yourself
4. Land of 1000 Dances - Cannibal & the Headhunters
5. Golden Ring - Dry Branch Fire Squad
6. 98.6 - Keith
7. One Bad Apple - The Osmonds
8. Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Diana Ross
9. Twilight Time - The Platters
10. Make Me Smile - Chicago
Can you tell I added some to my collection?

Friday dog blogging

No cats this Thanksgiving. This is Trinka. She was a little apprehensive to meet me.

She is a loooooooonnnng dachshund.

We wore her out.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hat tip to Padre Mickey

Things for which I am thankful

In no particular order and far from complete...

Family - biological and via marriage, church, school, internet, activities, et al. All friends are part of my family.

Music - especially a voice which has been tolerated by choir directors all my life

Faith - how else could I deal with my own stupidity, the foibles of others, the loss of loved ones and the everyday challenges of life

Laughter - a gift which allows me to recognize the absurdities in life and not get hopeless and depressed

The internet - so many new friends, so much to learn, such an easy way to keep in touch with loved ones

Pets - especially the "feral" felines who now live here and keep me hustling to shelter and feed them

Monday, November 23, 2009

RIP Roseann Allen-Matthews

Roseann went peacefully without pain to the other side Saturday night after a valiant fight for life. She had to wait too long for a kidney transplant. Many of us have traveled the long journey to this place and marveled at her determination, endurance and, in the end, amazing grace. Our prayers are with Gary and those who now have a huge hole in our lives. I suspect she would tell us to get over it and get on with life.


RC Bishop Tobin has denied the eucharist to Patrick Kennedy because Kennedy respects the rights of others to choose abortion as the best solution to a nasty problem. As others have asked and so do I, what right does anyone have to deny access to the eucharist? The invitation is from Jesus, not some clergy type who thinks he, especially a he, can pick and choose who may sit at the table and share the meal. Clericalism drives me nuts and this is clericalism at its worst tho not the only "worst" possible. How anyone can presume to judge another unworthy to accept Jesus's invitation is beyond my understanding of the Gospel message. But then, I seem to misunderstand much according to certain others.