Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And still more...

I looked out the back door and saw Tommie looking back at me. "Mom, it's dinnertime."
I put out some tuna for Jellico but he seems to be saying, "Really for me?"
The penultimate storm knocked down one of the cherry trees. I'm grateful it fell away from the house.
There are lots of similar trees which threaten my little hovel all on the neighbor's property.

And more...

And the lily that survived the attack of the bird feeder pole.

And now for something more pleasant

The bluebirds are in their house in the front yard again. This male doesn't eat at the feeder. He uses the perch to wait for bugs to pass by.

Who represents?

Do appointed bishops represent anyone?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Why do I think of this when the ABC comes to mind?

A new Archbishop of Canterbury

Bishop Clumber
Bishop Maya Pavlova, the theologian
Rowan, bishop of playing
I apologize to Bishop Airedale for whom I have no photo.


To my way of thinking, the Archbishop of Canterbury has abandoned Anglicanism and, perhaps, the Gospel. By reducing The Episcopal Church to "consultant" status because we choose to follow Jesus's teaching to love all and leave judgment to Godde, Rowan Williams has assumed the position of Anglican pope and abandoned the historical big tent. (Americans, at least, know what "assume" means.)

I don't know what their travel plans are but I wish Susan and Louise would cut the Paris trip short and do some evangelizing in England. Maybe they could begin with St. Paul's Cathedral? If it is ok to sign up our parishes and dioceses, it is ok to do likewise in the CoE. And what do we have to lose now?

Meanwhile we need to maintain the relationships we have around the world, especially financial assistance. We should revise the TEC budget to reflect our new status which should free up resources needed here and in more friendly places. And we need to bill the new Anglican Church for our time at their meetings. Aren't consultants paid quite well?