Saturday, April 24, 2010


Many thanks to the person who became the 15,000 visitor to this blog! Nice to know you used Firefox on an Intel Mac!

Friday, April 23, 2010

More Friday cat blogging

Yes, Tim is a fat cat.

This is Lady, the swimming cat.
Dudie enjoys watching.

Friday cat blogging

This just in but, sorry, no new photos. The new cat whom I've named Lady - the bottom one here - swims. The neighbors saw her jump into the lake and swim to some unknown target. Later she sat on the picnic table next door where she seems to live and licked herself dry. She is a feisty, noisy, demanding female wary but unafraid of the rest of the clan. We're all wondering where she came from as she seems to be well fed and healthy and used to people.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Once again the ABC talks about TEC

If ABC Rowan Williams thinks he is seeing clearly the future of the Anglican Communion, he may need new glasses.

I find it symbolic that the "Anglicans" in the Southern Hemisphere plus schismatics from the North are meeting between Easter and Pentecost. That way they minimize the possibility of the as-yet-not-present Holy Spirit influencing their opinions.

Lots of interesting comments on various blogs and Facebook have provided insight on the attempts to "wrest control" of the Anglican Communion from the heretics in the US and Canada. -They worship the institution rather than God. -He supports the quantity of Christians to the quality of Christians. -The bishops believe they should be the final word and have no need for input from the laity. -They want a magisterium without Rome.

The ELCA Lutherans and TEC Episcopalians have decided that Godde loves all Godde's creation and we should not stand in the way of anyone's call to ministry because of sexual preference. The possibility of merging is probably a pipe dream since most Lutherans seem to believe Anglicans have no theology at all. Nevertheless why can't we form a worldwide communion of Christians who may differ in theology but recognize each other as intelligent, sincere followers of Jesus? Porvoo? The concept that our Godde is a loving god who includes rather than one that excludes on manmade prejudice is probably foreign and needed in much of the world.