Tuesday, January 14, 2014

14 Jan 14 photos

Jellico had been fed but kept an eye on me. Perhaps a treat might be forthcoming. It was.

Conneaut Lake has the geese and they can keep those poopy birds. We have gulls, perhaps thousands of them, but they don't come up on the grass.

This road was tarred and chipped last fall. The plows have removed most of the chips making it feel like an old washboard road.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunset 1.12.14

Coming home across the dam, I thought I'd take some sunset photos. The first looks west - obviously - across the dam.

I drove back across the dam and turned around to catch the moon with the gulls that were flying back and forth.

This was the view up the lake which is finally ice covered. There was one fisherman's hut which is barely visible to the left of the island if the photo is embiggened.

The contrails stood out. I waited to see if the colors improved but they didn't so I headed home.

After feeding the cats, I looked out the front window. Wow. I don't recall ever seeing pink contrails before.

St. Peter's Church, Waterford, PA

St. Peter's Church came very close to being demolished when repairs made a number of years ago were determined to have been inadequate several years back and the church was determined too dangerous to enter. Both community and some diocesan outrage finally convinced the diocese to save the church. Hallelujah. It was a privilege to attend the eucharist in the newly reopened building today!

 It was a good thing my friend decided to call a member beforehand. She learned that, contrary to what the website says, the service begins at 11 am in the winter and usually starts late. Note to parishes: Don't bother to have a website unless the information is correct. I ran into that last summer in Sheffield, MA when I and another couple actually missed the service which even a member wasn't aware was scheduled earlier than usual. 

We were greeted by nobody and totally ignored until the peace. Perhaps the people there for the baptism were too engrossed to notice us. It was a bit disconcerting. A person who is not a member invited us to coffee hour as did the priest. My companion knew a couple of the people. I wondered if I would have been totally ignored had I been alone. It wouldn't have been the first time. I'm not finding Episcopalians particularly friendly to strangers. St Peter's may have been different without the fussing over the baptism.

It is a pretty little church which I'm happy has been resurrected. I will probably return for a more "normal" Sunday experience eventually.