Sunday, February 16, 2014

Missing? on 2.16.2014

This is one of my favorite scenes but not today. This was the view from I-90 this morning. Normally Lake Erie wraps from dead ahead around to the left. Not today.

And this was the view from the road headed south toward Chautauqua Institution. There really is a lake there.

Surprise! It was snowing. As usual on Sunday lately.  Yesterday friends suggested I see the Ice Castle in Mayville, NY. There haven't been many years lately with this much ice. A drive-by would be enough for me.

Well, I knew where to attend church - St Peter's in Westfield, NY, one of my favorite parishes. No photos tho because they are here. I even took a few notes during the sermon. "Lizard's Brain" was new to me. I won't forget that homily soon. 
 Diane and Jim sat in my row. Friendly nice folks, somewhat new to the church. Hmmm. Newbies seem to be especially friendly. Remember St David's? But St Peter's folks are infinitely friendlier than those. 

Note to congregations: Everyone has to take an interest in visitors - especially ones who come back. Unless you don't want them to return. 

And while I'm at it another note to congregations: If you have a website or a Facebook page, PUT SERVICE TIME(S) WHERE PEOPLE CAN FIND IT EASILY!!! At least include it with your phone message. It is right on the front page of St Peter's.