Friday, July 2, 2010

Prayers for Eileen and Michael

and their sister Maureen who is seriously ill thanks to major hospital error and may never recover brain function.

CMAA Duquesne University 2010 - recordings

The recordings made during the colloquium at Duquesne are online here, courtesy of Carl Dierschow. Scroll down the page a bit for the individual masses. If you're curious about the polyphonic choir I was in, listen to Elisabeth Zachariae on Thursday, Reminiscere miserationum tuarum on Friday and the Schubert on Sunday.

I hope you can't hear me but I was singing more or less in all the Lauds and Complines as were those of us who attended those at 7 am and 9:30 or so pm.

Thanks, Carl!

Friday cat blogging

Various photos taken today.

Then tonight a catfight. They rolled around in one furry ball for at least a minute. Funny that they were quiet about it. Dudie may look meek, battered, lazy but he was the aggressor and the winner from what I could tell. They held this position for many minutes until I broke it up and Jellico ran off.

Friday Shuffle

1. Respect - Aretha Franklin
2. Bandstand Boogie - Les Elgart
3. Kukeleczka Oberek (polka)
4. She's My Girl - Tom Lehrer
5. Foggy Mountain Chimes - Here Today
6. Wang Dang Doodle - Koko Taylor
7. My Foolish Heart - Scott Hamilton
8. Rock Me - Steppenwolf
9. Show and Tell - Al Wilson
10. The Loco-Motion - Little Eva

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

For Kirstin

Please add your prayers as Kirstin undergoes treatment for very aggressive cancer.


Very puffy right hand complete with 8 or so cat bites. Immediately after letting PuddyTat loose at home I went to the doctor for an antibiotic on orders from the vet. Took several hours to see the doc. Glad I had crossword puzzles in the car. Kinda tough not being able to hold something since I can't close my hand. But at least washing dishes didn't start any of it bleeding again. Guess I'll heal.

And PuddyTat will recover from her respiratory troubles, I hope. Needless to say she comes to eat but won't get within 6 feet of me.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cats and flowers

An unhappy and very sick PuddyTat waits to go to the vet.
Jellico is keeping watch and allowed me to take this photo this close. Usually he runs away.
Missed this lily when I dug them up and gave them to my neighbor.
One of my favorite daylilies.