Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Winter continues

Deep ruts in the mud are filled with slush. Less than good tires makes getting in and out a little scary. So far I haven't been stuck probably because there is still frozen ground under the mud. My boot prints will probably be frozen into the slush as the temperature is dropping.

Rain and melting snow on the field across the road drain into the ditch then runs under the road to a little pond - behind the bushes on the right. Several times each year there is enough runoff to fill the pond which overflows onto the driveway.

The water runs along the driveway until it gets to a low spot where it crosses the neighbors' yard and heads toward my barn.

Before it gets to the barn it veers again alongside the trees.

Eventually it empties into the large pond on our side of the tracks.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Corry, PA, 9 March 2014

This morning I visited Emmanuel in Corry, PA, about an hour and twenty minutes from home in the snowbelt. There was a pretty sunrise but I couldn't get a decent photo of it. Yes, snow and ice were on the roads here and there but they had melted in most places. After all it is Sunday. The drive up Rt 77 is always interesting even in grey weather. Lots of hills and woods and farms. Typical northwestern Pennsylvania. I only passed one Amish buggy which would be unusual on a weekday. When I made the left turn at Rt 89 I remembered the trips the family made to Chautauqua years ago. The inn/bar there used to have a 40's clever name. I'm not sure but I think it may have once been the Dew Drop Inn or something similar.

I arrived in Corry early enough to stop at Tim Horton's and claim a free donut I'd won last week. It has to hang out till tomorrow tho because I'm "fasting" today - the 500 calorie fast. 

 I parked near a very friendly woman who greeted me as we approached the church and led me in thru the sacristy. I'm embarrassed that I've forgotten her name. It is always encouraging to be greeted by someone who acts as if s/he is glad to see you. She introduced me to a few others before the service. This is one of the most friendly parishes I've visited so far. Several people invited me to coffee hour and started conversations or responded. Good on them! I was THRILLED to see we would be doing Rite II. Yea. I'll probably return during Lent unless I find a whole bunch of others doing Rite II. 

This is the front entrance to the church. The steps are daunting. I don't know if anyone uses it. It didn't look like it. I don't think there are door handles.

This is the elevator entrance to the left of the other one. Yes, they have an elevator. I was told few use it but it is there when needed. The inside steps go up and down from there. The church is upstairs, the parish hall is downstairs.

The first thing I noticed was the rood screen. I'm not fond of rood screens. They get in the way. I feel they divide the clergy and servers from the riffraff or so it seems. Being a huge foe of clericalism, I find rood screens very off-putting. Despite the screen Emmanuel is a lovely building.

This is a little chapel to the left of the chancel.

I should have taken a better photo of the figures on the front of the altar.

See the intrusive rood screen on the left. Ugh.

The organ and piano are to the right of the chancel.

The window at the back is especially lovely. The baptismal font is behind the priest. The wooden crosses on the wall are the stations. You can see two more in the photo with the piano.

Their columbarium is to the right of the font.

As I do whenever I have the opportunity, I lit the bottom right candle for Holy Cross after I took this photo. This is between the columbarium and the entrance which is on the side. The next time I go I'm going to ask what the back of the church looked like originally.

Other than the front and back windows, this is the only one I took a photo of. It was given in honor of the people who gave the elevator and is in that hallway. The side windows are being restored by Tirpak. They will be protected by glass rather than the current cloudy plastic. I'll take pictures of them when they are finished.

The next time I go I will take a photo of the columns. I didn't ask anyone but it looks like they still have gaslight fittings. If you look carefully at the photo with the piano you can see one of them to the left of the wooden cross.

I could get very jealous of this church! It suffers from poor lighting which I was told will be replaced soon as will the carpet and flooring. They are air-conditioning the church which will include some painting. And they are getting new kitchen equipment. It is a right-sized church for the location. It has lots of wonderful people who have a helpful, hopeful attitude. And a priest who is friend from when we sang together in Christ Church's choir. I'm happy she will be closer.

I'm still musing about whom I encourage and who encourages me. Hmmm.