Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

This was a good Thanksgiving. Given nearly catastrophic weather predictions for Wednesday I decided to drive all night hoping to avoid the snow. That I did. I had to stop for a nap twice and am grateful to my guardian angel for keeping me alive when I got sleepy. I'd prefer to not do that very often.

I still don't think the turkey was totally cooked tho we didn't get sick. The thermometer said it was done.  Maybe it was just a tough turkey. It was a gift to an employee with whom we spent the holiday. The red hots in the apple sauce were abundant making it more like spicy cinnamon chunky sauce. It was really good that way. The sweet potato souffle, forgotten by the hostess when she left, hence available for us was awesome. I brought some home. Yum. The green bean casserole and smashed potatoes were also good. Then after an interval, we ate the pumpkin pie with an unlimited supply of foosh foosh and nobody to tell us we were using too much. Sorry I didn't take any photos except of the dog.
This is Kaya catching her tail and going round and round with it.

Here she is much quieter guarding the door.

I'm glad we don't have this here. Fortunately I had the twenty I needed to pay cash. Would our prices be lower if we had this option?

The drive home was quite lovely. There were slowdowns by shopping areas, especially the outlets near Tannersville. Otherwise everyone was in a hurry, most driving at least ten mph faster than the limit. The State Police made a huge haul near Lamar. One guy followed so closely that I could see everyone in the car but not the front of the car. Eventually he whipped around me on the right and drove alongside for a bit. I gestured that he could pull in front of me. Eventually he did and roared off. I prayed he was one of those caught but I didn't see him pulled over. My gas mileage was awful. The Prius doesn't like to go 72 or 75 in a headwind in winter. At all. But it will.

I hoped there would be a pretty sunset when I took these on 58. But there was no color at all. The sun just disappeared behind the clouds.

On a whim I messaged my Westminster Choir College German teacher Wednesday when I recovered. She responded and we had a long conversation. Next time I go to NJ we need to get together. I'm sure I'll find an excuse before next Thanksgiving. This really made the trip extra special!