Tuesday, February 4, 2014

St David's Episcopal Church, Cranbury, NJ

St David's was the closest Episcopal church so I chose to go there even tho I sort of wanted to go to All Saints or Trinity in Princeton. But I've seen those and St Davids was new to me - as well as being within walking distance in better weather. 
There were plenty of friendly greeters in the Narthex. Both regular and large size leaflets were available. I was offered and took the regular size. I noticed that the large size included the hymns. Both are comprehensive with readings and musical responses. 
It was good hear a congregation singing and be in church with a "large" group. The modern church seats perhaps 175 and it was at least 2/3 full. Speaking of seats, they and everything else looked moveable. The chairs have kneelers and are linked by places for books. There is no altar rail. A few knelt for communion but I didn't having nothing to help me get up.
The sermon was a teaching sermon on the lessons similar to one I heard last week. We are all in this together. Well, duh. I agree tho many seem to forget that once they leave the building. 
The young ones had their own "musical" presentation. I was amused by the total lack of music in the first verse with a melody appearing in verse three. They were wonderful. It was good to hear a choir again. They were ok. The organist played an introduction to the Mathias Gloria that was not what was written. He seemed to enjoy improvising a bit.
The members were not particularly friendly. While many shook my hand at the Peace, nobody talked to me after. Nobody invited me to coffee hour. The people in front of me were new so they were curious and conversational after the service. And the little elderly lady next to me was sweet.
In line to shake hands with the priest I tried to engage the woman and child behind me in conversation but I was totally ignored. The priest handed me over to Mel. They have a friendly person Mel who talks to all visitors. She was great.
I learned that their Girl Scouts pool their cookie sales thru the church so nobody has to feel obligated to support more than one or be in competition that might threaten friendships. Good idea.
I will go again when I am there on a Sunday because it is handy but I can't say I felt the congregation was very welcoming.