Saturday, January 3, 2009

On Gaza

The Israelis invaded Gaza to force change. Hamas rockets must be stopped. Invasion, bombing and killing is the only way to stop them.

Starving people, preventing them from going to work, keeping medical supplies away and otherwise maintaining an atmosphere of fear and hopelessness is a great way to make peace.

Perhaps killing most of the Palestinians will stop the violence?


By the way, I have no sympathy for Hamas. But I have little for Israel either.

Controversial wonderments

The Episcopal parish I attend, (yes, I'm still Lutheran until our bishop comes to visit whenever) is part of the Episcopal Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania. According to the diocesan website we have 23 parishes and 11 organized missions. Several of those including ours are without clergy.

The Diocese of Pittsburgh, immediately to our south, has 22 parishes so far. I know there are clergy who have decided to stay with TEC who might be able to help NWPA with the clergy shortage. From Pittsburgh to Meadville is about 2 hours, far less than distances in the Dio of Wyoming, for example. We need supply priests. I wonder if Pittsburgh has any available?

We have a bishop who is working hard to try to get control of the many issues which plague our diocese. The Dio of Pgh has a provisional bishop. Once upon a time we were together. I wonder if there are benefits to be one again?

PS The Dio of NWPA banner is one of 10 that members of the parish have donated.

Friday, January 2, 2009

The latest on Adam

Continuing from here:

"Today started out a little rocky but he is stable now. He had an infection from his abdomen but they found no internal injury. It is common to have higher white count after an accident. His oxygen was very low and so they put him on a board that rotates. When he lies on his back mucous fills up. They turn him all the way from back to front slowly and then back on the back. His oxygen levels came up. They are going to do this for 3 days. So, he is still critical but stable again."

Thanks for your continuing prayers.

Friday cat blogging

Tim was looking for a scritch while PuddyTat watched from her box.

The CoE furor

I assume most of you are unaware of the holy war going on in the Church of England. It is ok in certain parts for women to be priests/vicars/deacons/whatevers. It is impossible for some men to even imagine women as bishops. In my experience online, most of those who consider themselves "conservative" or "orthodox" have little or no sense of humor or irony. "Libruls" and atheists on the other hand seem far more worldly, literate and funny perhaps because of living in the real world rather than some "approved" ivory tower of right belief and practice. Anyhow, there is a great article in The Guardian's Comment is Free column by Judith Maltby. "Women bishops: Get over it" is worth reading. The best part for me, however, is the following from one of the comments:

The churches had indeed better get over it, unless Xtianity is to become no more than a few old men in frocks playing with their testaments.

Friday shuffle

1. Mendelssohn: Symphony 4 - London Symphony
2. Mitä kaikatat, kivonen? - Rajaton
3. Michael Brown - Capitol Steps
4. From the Beginning - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
5. Dawson: Soon-ah Will Be Done - Bach Choir Pittsburgh
6. Bach: B minor mass, Dona nobis pacem - Rilling, Gächinger Kantorei
7. Walton: King Herod and the Cock - Trinity Choir
8. Strauss: Drei Männerchöre, Vor Den Türen - Chanticleer
9. Let's Stay Together - Al Green
10. Love Letters in the Sand - Pat Boone

Thursday, January 1, 2009

PT and me

PuddyTat was in her box watching me wash dishes so I grabbed the camera.

The Year-End Roundup Meme

From Padre Mickey:

For this meme, you take the first sentence of the first post of each month and line 'em up.

Mine is short because I accidently deleted my old blog. This is August thru September. Kinda interesting. Makes me wonder what I blogged the rest of the year.

Dear Archbishop Orombi: You chose to boycott Lambeth. Why don't hotels located near airports put parking information on their websites? For those of you who have followed my adventures all year, there is exceptionally good news. The ordinations yesterday were at the Cathedral of St. Paul in Erie, PA. Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori has released a message about World AIDS Day urging Episcopalians to get involved in the effort to reduce the tragedy that AIDS brings daily everywhere in the world.

Prayer request

My sister-in-law's nephew was in a serious automobile accident on Tuesday. They do not know whether Adam will live or die because of serious swelling from head injuries. The possibility of permanent disability is almost certain. They can't learn the full extent of his injuries because they don't want to move him. The trooper who was on duty was in his wedding and delivered the news personally to Adam's mother. The circumstances of the accident are not clear yet. He is married but I don't believe they have children yet. He does not have health insurance and he has no durable power of attorney or any other legal document for his family. Not a fun way to start the new year. Prayers for Adam and his family appreciated even tho none of them are "church people". God doesn't discriminate.


There are several adventures I hope happen in 2009.

A few high school classmates have planned a get together in Florida the end of February. I'm planning to be there and hope to visit a number of friends on the way.

Sometime soon I hope the bishop of our TEC diocese will visit Christ Church and receive me. I'm praying it isn't 1 March as I will be in Florida. If he chooses that date, I'll be unchurched for a long time. Not that God cares.

In late June I've registered to go to Montreal to sing Mendelssohn's Paulus with the Berkshire Choral Festival. I've also applied to sing in Sheffield in July but don't know if I'll get accepted. Or if I can afford both.

There are concerts to sing, people to meet, blogs to read, miles to go and much, much more.

Hope you have people to hug and hug you back.

What are your plans, hopes and prayers for 2009?


begins. 2008 is history. May it stay there!

to all.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Windy, snowy morning

It is a grey morning here in NWPA as you can see. Or not see in the case of the birds on the feeders. The hungry birds didn't care that I was close. I don't think I have ever had as many birds as I have this winter. Most are what a neighbor used to call "spotsies" - goldfinches, house finches, pine siskins and several varieties of sparrows tho few house sparrows. I haven't used the glasses to identify them as there are too many and they don't keep still long enough to see the markings. There are also many chickadees, juncoes, tits, downies, cardinals, mourning doves, blue jays, crows and the occasional flocks of starlings and other blackbirds.

Monday, December 29, 2008