Saturday, August 13, 2011

Books, books, books up for adoption to help internet friends

The story is on the blog Leave it lay where Jesus flang it. The adoption agency is Amazon.

1000th post

Amazing. This is the 1000th post to my "new" blog. Thanks to all who have visited!

Family visiting

My nephew is "home" from San Francisco. Well, he is where his parents are living. Not sure where he calls "home". Pittsburgh? Wellesley? Elsewhere he has lived? Probably San Francisco now. They visited his sister (photo) so I did too. There are photos of the World's Cutest grandniece and grandnephew along with the rest of the clan here. Sad that his wife couldn't come too.

Here he is in a poster for a series of performances at The Dark Room in San Francisco this September. If you are in the neighborhood, attend and tell him you know me. He's a really good guy.