Thursday, November 5, 2009

Friday cat blogging on Thursday

Diocesan Convention tomorrow so no time to blog. This morning five of the six cats were on the cathouse roof eating or waiting. Tommie is hidden behind PuddyTat. Little One looks apprehensively at the camera. Jellico is in the box. Tim is chowing down where she prefers to eat.

Meanwhile Dude had his breakfast all to himself with no Little One interruptions. He partook of all four sources of food before leaving.

Stubborn leaves

Some oaks lose their leaves in fall. Some wait till spring. The two trees on the right will keep their leaves until long after the silver maple has burst into its springtime debris. I have nursed and protected them since we found them as foot tall saplings.

The two greenish trees are pines. I could reach the tops of them when I moved here. The one on the left has another stubborn oak behind it. All the naked trees are either maples or black/chokecherry trees. Nobody has been able to confirm whether my trees are choke or black cherry. May have some of each.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ignorance, prejudice, hatred, impatience and apathy won

My mood today as a result of the elections.

(Not to mention fear.)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pictures at an Exhibition

and Tosca and Sunday in the Park with George. This is the program for the first concert of Bach Choir of Pittsburgh's 2009-2010 season this weekend at the New Hazlett Theater in Pittsburgh. Our conductor Thomas W Douglas has arranged Mussorgsky's masterpiece for chorus. It has been a most interesting journey learning the words and notes to music many of us have known for years as a piano or orchestral piece. This concert honors visual art and will have painters working live during the concert. Do come and experience Pittsburgh's most innovative choral experience. Tickets are available from ProArts Tickets. Then hang around and say Hi to me after the concert.