Friday, April 1, 2011

What you've been waiting to see

The new bumper stickers on the new Prius. Thought about leaving it bare but have so many choice stickers to use. Wish the Episcopal ones were still available on CafePress.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

30 March 2011

This was NOT fog on the way to choir tonight.
Obviously. When I got home.
Meanwhile, in Jamestown...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Prius

Yes, that is frost. 14 this morning, A record apparently.

There are both good and notsogood features about this Prius. I love the headlights. Well, the dims are about as before but the brights really work. Should be much better for deer spotting. Traction control is turnoffable, I'm told. Yea! Sometimes it is good but it prevented getting out when I did get stuck the first year I had the old car. Since this is a cheaper model, the rear view mirror doesn't automatically "dim". Another Yea! Dimming was not evident with the old mirror. I don't have the garage door opener in the mirror now but I have no problem using the separate device now that I can dim the following headlights myself. The visibility out the back is limited by narrower sides but straight back is much better. The divide is still there but is higher. I don't think there is a backup camera now which I'll miss in parking lots but it was usually covered with grime anyhow. Love the fuel countdown. Started at 500+. If I can actually fill the car with gas, I will be very happy! In cold weather I could only drive 250 miles or so before refilling because the tank would only take 6 gallons. Even in warm weather more than 7 was unusual. The tank should hold 11+ gallons.

The main thing I don't like so far is the intrusive console which lacks good storage, takes up too much room and is very distracting with lights everywhere. The cup holder may make spills common as it looks to be elbow vulnerable. The second one in the retractable armrest looks even worse. Must have been a very tall designer who pushed the seat way back. I already miss the secret compartment where I kept laundry money. The tray under the console is all but useless. It will provide a safe place for the iPhone while charging but that's about it. The two pockets in the doors will hold waterbottles but I used mine for napkins and maps. Not sure they are long enough for maps. The upper glovebox doesn't have a shelf. I keep papers in there but the lack of a shelf will mingle them inconveniently.

The car feels more solid. It is a bit larger. I hit something underneath loudly in the driveway so it must be a bit lower. Hope everything underneath is protected as my driveway is very rutted.

I have not tried the garage yet.

Or put on bumperstickers. Disappointed that the Episcopal ones on CafePress are no longer available. Have plenty of others in my collection from which to choose.

Episcopalians seem to bless everything but couples who love each other but happen to be of the same sex. I'm wondering if I should ask to have the Prius blessed to, hopefully, avoid the deer that seemed drawn to the old one...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Friday cat blogging on Sunday

Tommie and LittleOne share supper while Tim mugs for the camera. PuddyTat's tail is visible in her box.
Dude doesn't like the flash.
This new little black cat showed up Saturday.
It ran past while I was trying to get a photo of this new cat who usually runs away when I appear.
This critter was not happy when its meal was interrupted.
This critter wasn't happy either but is now in its happy hunting ground, I assume.