Saturday, January 7, 2012

Our Bible study group (all but me and one other) updated

How I managed to capture us in moments when we aren't laughing is a mystery. We look like such a dour group when we are in fact very lively and funny. We are usually in the church tho not this particular night when we met before an Open House where the people who came stayed long past the advertized closing hour.

At the request of two, I have removed the photos of people. I will email the admittedly not too complimentary photos to members of the group who request them.

I rarely identify individuals on my blog. In this case I did not even identify the location. There are few who actually visit the blog and most of those who do are relatives, close friends or people from who knows where who stumble on it. "Local" people are few and far between and always related via church. Nevertheless some are especially sensitive and I honor that.