Saturday, March 28, 2009

Canon Martha update

From the diocese:

We are praising God for a miracle!

Canon Martha is now home and on the road to recovery. The doctors are still not sure what caused the bleeding, but they can find no residual damage.

We thank you for your prayers and well wishes over the last few days. They have meant a great deal.

And colt's foot

Spring is here even if we might have snow tomorrow.

Finally, daffodils

Finally the daffys next to the house have bloomed. They will get their blossoms frosted tomorrow night and may see a little snow.

But it will be awhile yet before my daffodil "fence" blooms.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday cat blogging

The reason I have to keep replacing PT's box.

The clan assembles for breakfast.

Jellico waits and watches as usual.

Dudie gets some special warm egg and milk. He still has a very bad foot but the hair on the side of his face is growing in again.

Friday shuffle

1. Mozart: Requiem, Introit - Berlin Radio Symphony
2. Elgar: O Wild West Wind - Finzi Singers
3. Missa Pro Defunctis, Kyrie - Cisturcian Monks
4. Heroes and Villains - Beach Boys
5. Love Will Find Its Way To You - Reba McEntire
6. One of a Kind - Spinners
7. Jam Up Jelly Tight - Tommy Roe
8. Praise to the Lord - Concordia Choir
9. 16 Candles - Crests
10. Spill the Wine - Eric Burden & War

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Obscene salaries and bonuses

I have great difficulty understanding why anyone needs more than a million dollars a year to be happy. I don't grudge those who are lucky enough or clever enough to earn obscene amounts of compensation but I wonder about those who are forced to live on ten thousand a year. Philosophically I'm embarrassed by the disparity between the compensation of corporate officers and the people they employ. The AIG/AIU people who are being "kept" to unravel the mess they have created had better do just that. The folks who have vacated the premises should not get any form of bonus. Period.

Anyhow. I would like to propose a tax change which would not limit the amount of money a corporate exec could earn. It would simply transfer the responsibility.

In any corporation, the amount of salary plus benefits plus bonus paid to any individual up to one million dollars US would be deductible as employee expense. Any money or benefit beyond one million dollars would not be deductible for tax purposes. There would be no limit to the compensation but anything beyond a million would have to come directly out of stockholder's equity.

Happy birthday, ++Katharine

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More prayers requested

In the post below I asked for prayers for our Canon to the Ordinary. She seems to be steadily improving. Please continue praying.

A problem at least as serious is the parish she served until she became the canon less than two years ago. There was a funeral there last Friday for one of the men. I'm not sure how many funerals there have been in the last few months but I know there have been at least four. I also know one of the women has cancer. And Martha is in the hospital. It is a small parish, a close-knit family parish. Please, please, please keep the members of St Clement's in your prayers.

Prayers requested

The Reverend Martha Ishman, Canon to the Ordinary of the Episcopal Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania, was life flighted to a Pittsburgh hospital this morning with a bleed in the back of her brain. We do not have many details as of right now, but the bishop is with her and her family and we will update you when we have more information.

Please keep Canon Martha, her husband, Dale, and their children, Sarah and Jacob, in your prayers.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh, Joy! Oh, Gladness!

There used to be a cottage where my barn now stands. Every year I've lived here (almost 41) several croci have bloomed. They were planted by the lady who built that cottage. These are the regular croci, not the tiny ones that have been blooming for weeks. I've been watching and hoping the earth moving didn't totally destroy them. Today suddenly there are three which were not there yesterday. I'm soooooooo happy!

And the daffys are starting to bend their stems. And a possible priest candidate is being interviewed tonight.

Life is good at the moment in spite of a nose which wants to compete with Niagara Falls.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

creeps in this petty pace from day to day while waiting for the daffodils to bloom.

Meanwhile Tim sunbathes.