Saturday, June 30, 2012

2012 Fireworks

The moon watched as people assembled to watch the annual fireworks at Pymatuning Reservoir, Jamestown end, 30 June 2012. There were people everywhere.

Many sat on the dam to watch.

Vehicles were parked as far as the eye could see on every square inch possible.

The setting sun was beautiful.

The sunset continued.

And continued for an hour.

To a fiery end with the lights of the boats assembled to watch.

The photos are embigginable.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


She has had serious eye drainage for a month or so but I couldn't catch her. When I returned from Edinburgh, the eye was obviously blind. I was able to swoop her into the carrier finally. The vet said removing it would be best. They dissected the eye and said it was a mess but they couldn't find what had caused the problem. Now PT is confined to the cathouse at the back of the garage. She learned to manipulate the cone quickly fortunately and won't get hung up on anything. The problem will be keeping her in there.

After being held for the first time for two hours at the the vet she seems to have decided that isn't all bad. She came to be scritched when I returned after giving her some time to adjust. Guess I will take antihistamines and do that occasionally. Wish I could have her in the house. She is a sweet cat. I hope she heals quickly without complications. She is to be confined with the cone for two weeks but I won't be home that long.

2012 daylilies plus

Monday, June 25, 2012

BCF Edinburgh 2012 photos

Are here. I have done minimal editing and left in some that are blurry. Enjoy. 

Meanwhile this is a portion of the window behind the organ at Greyfriars Kirk.

And I kept privately snickering that it looked like McDonald's arches from where I sat.