Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A visit from a notcat

Tim above and PuddyTat below seemed unperturbed by the presence of the other critter munching catfood for breakfast.

The possum seemed unperturbed by the felines.

When I went out s/he retreated to the cardboard catbox and watched me.

When I went back in s/he checked out the other catboxes and the window. I could get nose to nose without alarming the obviously young visitor.

S/he pushed up the blanket to reveal the heating pad. I was afraid s/he would settle in between and was relieved awhile later to find my newest notcat was gone.

I don't like seeing these critters in the daylight as I worry about rabies. This young one seemed quite healthy, just hungry. I don't mind the possums because they just eat and leave. The raccoons play and do lots of damage. I won't put up with them for long before setting the trap. I never saw any critters last winter. I wouldn't be surprised to see the groundhog if we have a week of warmth.

Monday, January 16, 2012

On a Sunday

The snow on the foliage along I-79 looked like cottonballs as I drove up to North East for the latest in their Second Sunday concerts.

The "concert" was more like eavesdropping on friends who were playing thru their favorite music than a formal concert. Their choices were wonderful and fun in a classical music sort of way. At least for me all but one were familiar favorites from various combinations of instruments and voices played simply (well, the music wasn't all simple to play) on horn and piano. I'd like to hear more of the Faith piece.

Chelsea Nelson was the featured performer accompanied by Carol Carlson. Chelsea is from North East and is in her first year at Eastman. She is excellent.

Brahms: Scherzo from Serenade in D, Opus 11
Rachmaninoff: Vocalise
Mozart: Concerto #3 in E-Flat, K. 447
Richard Faith (b 1926): Movements for Horn and Piano
Schumann: Widmung
Schumann: Im wunderschönen Monat Mai
Purcell: "I attempt from Love's sickness"
F. Strauss: Nocturno #7
Beethoven: Scherzo (Allegro molto e vivaci) from Septet in Eb

I heartily recommend these concerts at The Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross in North East, PA.