Saturday, May 29, 2010

Seasonally maladjusted?

This is the first time this poinsettia has bloomed for me. Like the plant with the new leaf below, I brought it home after Mom's funeral. It didn't have much outdoor light so I turned the pot around awhile back. It gets only the light from the door now so it follows a natural schedule.

The large leaves on the top left actually belong to my ancient 40+ year old red poinsettia. It only had a few tiny red bracts at Easter this year. It usually "blooms" around Valentines Day. I think is is too exposed to light from the TV now that I turned the pot. It has also grown quite tall so it gets more light at night from my lamp. I need to give it a severe haircut again.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday not cat blogging

There are at least three of these critters. I don't mind their eating the catfood. I do mind when they throw things about. I need to get the trap out and either give them a new home or have my neighbor "take care" of them.

The are getting too comfortable. They were fewer than 6 feet from me. The last was much closer.

Friday shuffle

1. Schubert: Mass in Eb, Sanctus - Shaw/Atlanta
2. Sincerely - The McGuire Sisters
3. Walk On By - Dionne Warwick
4. Girl of My Dreams - Blue Steele Orchestra
5. In the Sermon - Rev. Mark Giroux
6. Unforgettable - Nat King Cole
7. The In and the Out - Garrison Keillor and Frederica von Stade
8. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - Iron Butterfly
9. Elgar: O Wild West Wind! - Finzi Singers
10. Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend - Lobo