Friday, June 25, 2010

CMAA Duquesne University 2010

A few photos of the Duquesne University campus where I've spent the week with Catholics who love Gregorian Chant. There are more photos available here. Some even have people in them.

These bushes have three colors of flowers. Interesting.
Palms seem a little out of place in Pittsburgh.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Unwelcome daytime visitor

I do not like seeing raccoons and skunks and opossums out and about during the daytime. I always suspect rabies. I assume that this is the same raccoon who has been eating the catfood for the last couple of days if not longer. S/he has an insatiable appetite. The critter will deprive my cats of food this week while I'm gone. I am not happy about that. I could try to trap it but I don't know if the one I trap is the one who comes during the daytime. I hate to ask my neighbor to feed the cats twice a day but I will leave a note requesting she do that when she can. The critter sure chose an inconvenient week to appear. I pray it isn't rabid, just smart.

It was on the cathouse roof and descended when I appeared at the door.

It paused to make sure I was still watching before waddling off only to return again within a couple of minutes. It will stay until it has eaten all the catfood available. The cats just lie around and watch.

Why not Rome?

The writer says there could be a bloodbath in the Church of England. For the life of me, I cannot understand why those who can't deal with female clergy and want to give the Archbishop of Canterbury pope-like power don't just cross the Tiber. Do those dissatisfied Anglican clergy have ambitions on the office which might be possible in England but not in Rome? Do they believe they can perpetuate the patriarchy for their own benefit? Have they ever studied the Gospels?

I believe the men who preach against women and LGBTs do not understand Jesus at all. They are pretenders concerned with the interpretations of the "law" which benefit themselves and their peers. I seem to have read something about that this morning as I was the EM. They corrupt the people in their parishes by preaching that the Trinity must be worshipped. But to them the Holy Spirit died on Pentecost. Scripture contains the exact words we need to follow. (No matter who wrote whatever in whichever language in a setting which we can mostly only speculate about and has little relevance today.) Well, some scripture is no longer relevant but they get to choose.

No, I would not separate from those who believe they are right and righteous, who tell me I'm going to hell because I don't accept every jot and tittle of their beliefs. I can't and won't tell anyone that my faith is one they should accept. They might study it but they probably aren't interested. They don't care if it works for me. It is unforgivable sin and/or heresy and that is that. They don't want me in "their" church. I welcome them, however, to share the eucharist with me in whatever church. It is not my table.

Jesus told us to love Godde and love each other and be servants of each other and leave judgment to Godde. What else do we need? What is so difficult about that message?