Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm blessed with such interesting friends

Updated 9.23.10
Updated again 9.26.10
If you are on Facebook and friends with Ozzie Clumber, you can see the identities of all or most of these people. The original story of the red hats is here. I've met more than a dozen of these folks in person. We are from all over. Our leader with the purple hat is MadPriest who lives in England. The gal with the drumsticks is Lindy who lives in Wuxi, China. Some of us are on the other side now. They have golden hats. As I said, I'm blessed with so many wonderful, caring and definitely interesting friends. And these are just some of my blog friends.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Make it illegal and it will go away

Republicans sure are obsessed over homosexuality. Why? Jealous? Scared? Ignorant? Or just misled by people who believe they know Godde better than anyone else and, at someone else's expense, need to believe themselves better than others?

Montana Republicans have it in their platform. Read about it here.

Texans are clinging to it too. Here.

There is much evidence of how making something something illegal makes it disappear. Prohibition effectively stopped the production and sale of alcoholic beverages, didn't it? And alcohol was optional.

Homosexuality is not optional any more than blue eyes are. Yes, eye color can be changed with contact lenses but the result is a lie. Homosexuality can be denied but the result is a lie which harms the person and others around them.

Religion seems to be the primary culprit which denies full rights to LGBTs. Perhaps it is religion that should be outlawed? Better yet, outlaw Republicans who either lie or color the truth in order to stir up the fearful and ignorant to get votes.

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