Friday, October 1, 2010

The suicides must stop

I believe there are two main causes of this problem - religion and ignorance. They are related. By instilling fear and hatred of "others", religion encourages ignorance. When "others" are seen as "evil" or somehow less than human, which prejudice does, they hide. Many people refuse to deal with what and whom they don't know. Some strike out in defense. The "others" don't dare expose themselves for fear of the actions of the ignorant. As a consequence, nobody benefits and lots of folks are excluded and hurt.

Personally I blame religion for most of the prejudice. Every clergy type person who preaches that homosexuality is sin and urges the flock to change or exclude or hate is guilty of promoting murder - spiritual if not physical. I pray Godde will find a way to teach them that Godde loves all Godde's children. I especially pray that those who are hiding their own perceived sin be freed from their own preaching and condemnation and come into the light of Christ as taught in the Gospels. We were given the Holy Spirit to do just that if only we would listen to her.

Two new blogs of interest

From St. Laika's:

Absolutely everyone is welcome at St. Laika's.

We are an ecclesial community without any formal membership. You are part of it if you want to be part of it.

We are pan-denominational and nobody is excluded because of their personal beliefs or lack of belief. Our worship is from the Christian tradition and our liturgy is borrowed from any source that takes our fancy.

We are an emergent church. We go where God leads us. We are an experiment that is attempting to blur the edges between the virtual and the real worlds. It is our intention to have a presence outside of the internet. We are an international group but each of us is based firmly in our own local context. We are what we are.

From Anchorhold:

Thomas Merton once said that "the only thing to remember about prayer is to begin where you are." The Anchorhold is a blog about remembering, about beginning and about how to know where we are - where we really are. It is a blog about spiritual practice.

Whatever the term "spiritual practice" means to you right now, you are welcome here. This is not a place for finished saints! Let's explore the relationship between prayer and action and what it means to pray without ceasing. And let us support each other in the process.

Please visit.

Friday cat blogging and much more

PuddyTat says, "Good morning!" to Tommie.
The neighbors have two bunnies. The one in back is very furry. The black and white one is lop eared. The near one is quite friendly, the other easily scared.
The clouds this year have been very interesting. I love the Hartstown Swamp especially when the water plants begin to turn red which usually precedes the trees. This is on the north side of 322, the others to the south. They are embiggenable.

Friday shuffle

1. Soldier Boy - Shirelles
2. Surfer Girl - Beach Boys
3. A Girl Like You - Young Rascals
4. Rheinberger: Vier Sechsstimmige Motetten, Angelus Domini - Phoenix Bach Choir
5. New Fool at an Old Game - Reba McEntire
6. Villa-Lobos: Choro - Pepe Romero
7. Mendelssohn: Paulus, Herr! Der Du Bist Der Gott - Rilling
8. Oy, Chuck and Kate - Keillor and Von Stade
9. Brand New Key - Melanie
10. Chelsea Morning - Judy Collins

World Habitat Day

Along with the Carters, I support Habitat for Humanity. Monday, October 4, 2010 is designated this year's World Habitat Day by the United Nations. What can you and I do to help? See their web page here then get involved.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


This was the sky and the color when I came out of Giant Eagle last night. Several people were taking photos. There are white lights on one of the buildings for contrast.
I drove up to Liberty Street and took another photo because the colors were changing.
Then I went on to choir grateful for the wonderful earth we inhabit.