Friday, May 14, 2010

Lois Laverty's 80th birthday concert reception

Unfortunately I didn't get any non-blurry photos of Lois. She kept moving. The rest of the photos are here.

The cake was excellent as was the concert beforehand!

New leaf

The little upper leaf is actually greener than the photo shows. This plant has had only the stem and the leaf on the left for several years. Suddenly the new leaf appeared a few weeks ago. I think I brought this home when Mom died and that's all there was to it. I water it every once in awhile and now - a new leaf. There is always hope.

Friday cat blogging, Part 2

Two of the three hostesses for my visit to NJ last weekend. First is the kitten Kippi.

Then the doyenne Tzaki.

Friday cat blogging, Part 1

This beautiful feline is Precious Rose. She belongs to the nice lady who tries to repair the damage that headquarters does to Ferrellgas's image.

Margaret and Helen

This is one of my most favorite blogs. She sure tells it like it is, regardless of how others think it might be. Check out Margaret and Helen.

Friday shuffle

1. Stoned Soul Picnic - 5th Dimension
2. Everybody Plays the Fool - The Main Ingredient
3. Today - Smashing Pumpkins
4. You're Gonna Be - Reba McEntire
5. Beautiful Girl Polka
6. The Letter - The Box Tops
7. Got to be There - Michael Jackson
8. Serenade from The Student Prince - Zamfir
9. Everybody's Talkin' - Nilsson
10. Oh Girl - The Chi-Lites

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ferrellgas update - updated

Within a few hours of my original post, a Ferrellgas representative named Jim commented on the post. Via email I said I would be willing to talk to a Customer Service person. Mandy called this morning. She was very pleasant and helpful. The charges have been removed from my account. She suggested what I should do. I agreed to stay with Ferrellgas for now. I also suggested they read the comments.

She is a cat person so she will also check my blog.

Update: The Ferrellgas man came and checked my tanks. Moved them to comply with the law. Showed me how to determine how much gas remains. Said good things about Mandy and her boss. I'm pleased.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ferrellgas charges for not using enough propane

This outfit bought out my bottled gas supplier years ago. I haven't used much propane lately because my oven died a year ago. Today I received a bill for $60.60 apparently for not using their gas fast enough. There is a tank rent fee for 10.60 for a year and a No Usage Fee 1.00 ea of $50. I'm using the gas - just not fast enough for them. Needless to say I called and told them to pick up the tanks. That is insane. I wouldn't mind the tank rental fee but the 50 is ridiculous. AND they will not compensate me for the gas remaining in the tanks. This is not an outfit I care to do business with and neither should you. They said it will take two weeks for them to pick up the tanks. I'll bet they are here today or tomorrow. Fortunately it is easy to change suppliers and I've been contemplating that anyhow. But the toaster oven and the nuker will suffice until that is arranged.

Noisy neighbor

This visitor to the hummer feeder sings loudly when he's here. I love the orioles.