Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wedding families

Nobody looks happy but all were a bit more cheerful than this photo shows.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday cat blogging

A selection of cats today - none anywhere near me in San Francisco. The first is a Himalayan with summer haircut.

The next two cats belong to friends near Chautauqua.

And finally here is Tim keeping an eye on a feeder. There are too many rocks and old pieces of foundation to risk running the mower over it. All sorts of interesting plants have grown including a number of sunflowers and several errant daylilies.

Friday shuffle

1. Put Your Hand in the Hand - The Ocean
2. Bainton: And I Saw a New Heaven - Westminster Choir
3. We Walk in a Fog - Rajaton
4. Two Bucks Polka
5. Game of Love - Wayne Fontana and Mindbenders
6. Torelli: Concerto for Violin and Guitar - Karl Scheit
7. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter - Reba McEntire
8. Persichetti: Celebrations, You Who Celebrate - Bach Choir of Pittsburgh
9. My True Story - Jive Five
10. Mendelssohn: Symphony 4 - London Symphony
A more mixed selection than the last couple of weeks. The Bainton is one of my alltime most favorites. I either cry or come close at "And God will wipe away all tears...". Sometimes that is hard to trust that but it is true if we allow it.

To Sausalito

A few photos. Too tired to fuss with more. It was foggy when we left on the ferry this morning. Fog? Duh. We are in San Francisco.

The fog cleared as we neared Sausalito.

A gorgeous red tree. No clue what variety of tree it was. Still a little fog in the background.

Alcatraz. Love the tees. For example - Island bed and breakfast - enjoy Alcatraz.

The bay bridge at night.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

In San Francisco

My nephew is getting married on Saturday. The family flew in today. We'll have a family dinner tonight then go to Sausalito tomorrow. On Friday there is the Tea Ceremony and the wedding dinner. What my sister-in-law calls the white wedding will take place Saturday afternoon. We fly back on Monday and I hope I can pick up my wallet which I left in the airport. ARGH! The Lost and Found was closed when I called. This is becoming to bad habit!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My thoughts on Lambeth

ABC Rowan Williams had a good idea that built and renewed relationships which should be mutually advantageous despite differences. Very well done.

The GAFCON folks are probably already gone. That isn't all bad IMO. Those who remain seem to be the folks whose Bibles con/retain the Gospels, have actually read them and try to live as Jesus taught. Losing members can be healthy. When the dissension is gone, church is easier. That doesn't mean I think disagreement should be banished. But the destructive elements rarely decide to get along and are better off finding a more comfortable place.

Yes, LGBTs are once again told to wait till hell freezes over. I pray TEC and ACofC ignore the moratorium on sexual matters as the invaders will ignore the moratorium on stealing parishes and dioceses. Somebody has to lead. I don't see anything to lose by confirming that LGBTs are people too, entitled to the rights and privileges of all others. I don't believe the Anglican Communion is worth sacrificing each other in violation of Jesus's teaching to love all and judge none.

At the same time I believe the AC is a good idea which should be maintained. Perhaps a judicious self-pruning will return it to what it has always been - a home for many opinions of what the Bible actually says and a gracious willingness to share the eucharist with all who are trying to follow Jesus. That would be a positive result of Lambeth.

Of course who cares what this Lutheran thinks? Sunday I received a stern lecture about not transferring my membership already. I never seriously considered it until recently. If Christ Church gets some stability before I get discouraged, I will probably stay. If not, the next option is St. Clement's. If that is not a compatible match either, I will return to my home Lutheran parish which I still support. After all, church is a creation of men. I have no problem switching to find a comfortable home which usually means good music. bg

Berkshire Choral Festival

If you get here after not finding Mom said nobody cares, I'm sorry but I accidentally deleted the blog that has the BCF stuff on it. And Blogger has never replied to my request to have it reinstated. Sorry!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Envy green

MadPriest and TmTim hit the road at an ungodly hour and got lost in Glasgow but reached the cathedral in time to hear +Gene Robinson preach. That is a bit of a shock to those of us who "know" MP at all. We are all so proud of him/them!

And there is more from Chris at Blethers and Father Kelvin who invited +Gene.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross

This is a photo of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross in North East, PA taken in the rain several weeks ago.

This is the inside during this morning's service. The reader used to sing with us at Christ Church Meadville.

They were trying to figure out where to put the old church sign. I wonder if this is how they make many of their decisions.
It was a good experience for me. Unfortunately I don't want to drive an hour and 25 minutes each way to worship there.