Sunday, August 10, 2008

And more food

The wedding reception was catered by The Slanted Door. In case you're curious, here is the menu:
Croatian and Hungarian wines
frisse salad with orange, candied pecans and crispy shallots - very good
poached local halibut with tomato, ginger and thai basil - could not eat it. waaaaay too hot
braised duck leg with chinese red dates, bamboo leaf and shiitake mushroom - excellent
grilled Niman Ranch lamb rack with lemongrass, garlic and thai chilis - to die for
organic corn stir-fry with chanterelles mushroom - ok
wedding cake that was much better than the night before

And Friday's Chinese dinner was at Canton Dim Sum and Seafood Restaurant. It was a ten or so course meal. I'll try to remember what all when I get home.


sharecropper said...

You're making me hungry, and I suspect no Chinese food is available short of Asheville, which is 25 miles and a mountain away.

Lovely "white" wedding!

safe travel for all of you

Crimson Rambler said...