Friday, August 1, 2008

Lost opportunity

Dear Archbishop Orombi:

You chose to boycott Lambeth. Now you want to dictate what should result from this gathering of Anglican Communion bishops?

If you were truly Anglican, appropriately humble about your opinions, knowledgeable about what the Bible says Jesus taught and willing to follow those teachings, you would have been present to offer your experiences and listen to those of others. You weren't. You gave up the opportunity to share and learn.

Like people who don't vote, you did not use the appropriate means of participating with others. So, quite frankly, you seem to admit you have no firm theological legs to stand on. Thoughtful people should dismiss you as a bigoted, sex-obsessed, control freak. Unfortunately, most people are not thoughtful about religion and some will take you seriously as if you actually represent most Anglicans. I suspect you don't.

May God find a way to help you grow in the knowledge and love of God and Jesus. Soon!

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