Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Last day in austria

yesterday was schoenbrunn palace day. Two of us went to another museum after while the shell(e)ys wandered around town. We found the concert church, lit another candle and checked out a fancy glass place.

Roommate and friends are trying to figure out the ubahn stops. They are going to the flohmarkt. I am taking a vacation from people, packing and catching up with the news. We sing mass and a 20 minute concert at St Peters this afternoon then have a banquet. Very early tomorrow we catch the hydrofoil for Budapest. No idea what we will get into there except the two shell(e)ys will no longer have "private" bedrooms. Her light was on at 4 this morning and I was obviously also awake.

I am tired of cigarette smoke!!! I had a terrible sore throat yesterday and thought I was getting sick but apparently not. Am tired enough tho.

We had enough Austrian food in mondsee and have eaten Egyptian and Mexican food. LOL.

I'm looking forward to going home. And getting reliable internet access. Argh

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