Sunday, October 12, 2008

More fall 08

The snowmobilers came thru with a plow and levelled out some of the moguls on the "tracks". The worst was here by the beaver dam. For years I have wished the railbed would wash out completely requiring a bridge here. Doubt it will happen in my lifetime. This year they did major repairs and put up stakes to warn the people that the side is soft. Phooey. I've always wished the noisy stinky bikes, atvs and snow vehicles would fall into the lake and drown. Not the people, mind you, tho I have little respect for them either, especially when they roar up and down at 2 am. I know. I'm old and grouchy. And I understand that some people, like sharecropper, enjoy roaring around on these things. If they were quiet and respectful of the people living in the neighborhood, I might change my mind. Ugh.

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sharecropper said...

Now, now, you malign me! I never said I liked dirt bikes - especially not at 2 am. I want to be sound asleep then.

What I said I like is my jet skis - and they are not nearly as noisy as bikes - nor are they as smelly. They are more noisy than kayaks (which I also love).

And, I did say once that I wanted a Harley tricycle, but that would not involve tracks near someone's house - just wonderful open air road trips...and I can want a long time....... LOL