Saturday, December 20, 2008

Only one post, I hope,

on Rick Warren giving the invocation at Obama's inauguration. Warren's preaching attracts the fearful and repels the thoughtful. He is a good example of why people are abandoning Christianity. Preaching the Gospel out of one side of his mouth and condemning God's creation out of the other surely doesn't please the God or the Jesus he pretends to worship. May God find a way to teach him how to love. Preferably before the inauguration. If not, may Obama wake up to the unChristian message this man preaches and find someone else. Maybe a good Muslim will do the honors? Or a Buddhist? Or, if he really wants controversy, a Jew?

Bah humbug.


Pagan Sphinx said...

I wish that religion wasn't a part of the deal to begin with, as I'm a fan of separation of church and state. With that said, if it is going to be, I agree with you that Warren is a very bad choice to represent Christian values, which at their best should include acceptance and love. Instead, the love only comes from Warren if you believe what he believes.

forsythia said...

What could Obama have been thinking?