Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why I'm not a Republican

Years ago I left the Republican Party in disgust when all they wanted to do was impeach President Clinton. I am still a Republican to some extent tho not one of these Republicans. I believe in fiscal responsibility and as little government as possible. I have a Libertarian streak.

I'm also somewhat socially liberal tho I believe people need to assume responsibility for their own behavior and survival.

Unlike the people who now claim the label Republican, I care about people. Let the super rich share the terror the rest of us know as their greed which convinced them to invest with Madoff has reduced them to something resembling us for a change.

But I resent the Republicans who now populate Congress especially the House of Representatives. Is there no free-thinking Republican there who cares about the people served? The three senators who violated the rules are already reaping the anger of those who believe the party should be uniformly opposed to anything the Dems come up with. What ugliness!

The Republican Party is the domain of hate despite the "Christianity" many profess. They are an embarrassment to the Gospels. The party controls those in Congress via punishment. They are cruel. Ugh.


Kirkepiscatoid said...

Sometimes I wonder how we only ended up with two political parties in this country. I've been a Democrat all my life, but by "national" standards, the "East and West coast liberals" find me kind of painful b/c I also have Libertarian overtones when it comes to personal and governmental fiscal responsibility, ownership of property, and the 2nd amendment. Probably not exactly a "blue dog" Democrat either, but something kind of in between.

But I don't fit with the "real" Libertarians, either, b/c I believe things like education, infrastructure and health care have universal benefits to society, and don't mind my taxes going to the public's benefit there.

As a rural person, I sometimes feel both parties marginalize rural needs, either.

I have a feeling that all the disaffected former or halfway still Republicans and the centrist Democrats would all get along well with each other if they had their own party...

forsythia said...

Back in the day, my dad was very active in the Republican Party of Crawford County. I wonder if he would even recognize that his party has become.

FranIAm said...

This is such a great post - thank you for it.

I grow weary of labels, republican, democrat, liberal, conservative, blah blah blah.

We are all human, then what?