Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Anglican" purity

A number of clergy in The Episcopal Church have decided they and only they know all the truth about the Bible and Christianity. They are upset that many of us in TEC seem to believe that followers of Jesus are to love Godde and love each other leaving judgment to Godde. They believe they can't be part of TEC as we know it. They seek to divide the body of Christ into little segments according to how they judge the purity of each segment. Then they seek to put all the parts together yet separate under the "Anglican" banner.

I pray Godde finds a way to heal their Bibles so they may read and understand more than the snippets they use to prooftext their separatist goals.

To learn more about this group who would shatter the body of Christ according to their purity codes, read Mark Harris's blog Preludium and Thinking Anglicans.

I am beginning to believe that there are Christians and there are followers of Jesus and the two groups have little in common. What does this mean for the future of "the church"?


Suzer said...

At times, I'd rather call myself a "Jesus follower" than a Christian. But I refuse to let any group of people dictate the definition of "Christian."

I don't understand, nor do I care to, the complexities of the machinations of the schismatics. I do wish that if they really hate TEC so much, instead of trying to change it to suit them, they would leave honorably and start their own congregations. If they are correct, TEC will then die out and their "pure" churches will prevail. Only time will tell, and though I doubt they are correct, all I can do is continue to be the best Christian I can, loving everyone as Jesus would. Even loving those who would tear apart a church I consider a true, authentic, and beloved place to worship.

forsythia said...

Yikes. I clicked on Preludium and met with a deluge of words. Some other day, perhaps....