Friday, April 17, 2009

A spring walk

I went for a walk this evening. As regular followers of this blog know, I live on Pymatuning Reservoir on the Pennsylvania/Ohio border. A railroad used to run between my house and the bay. It has been gone for many years. The "tracks" are a great place to walk except when the various obnoxious motorized vehicles race up and down disregarding others, especially the fishermen.

There are few signs of spring in my neighborhood trees.

Down in the park, however, I found some trees with red buds. The view is from underneath the road over the tracks.

The next series of photos shows some of the many places which will be occupied by fishermen Saturday and Sunday mornings. They all look out on our bay. There are two islands between the bay and the lake proper.

In this photo, the small island and the breastworks of the dam are in the distance.

This is our "beach".

Looking back toward the tracks.

The greenery running diagonally from the bottom right should be my daffodil fence. The flowers are blooming sporadically and many have been flattened by snow, wind or frost.

You can't really see it but the ladder is still resting against the oil tank. I wonder if I can put it away. Might we still have a heavy wet snow which blocks the satellite TV signal?



I feel like I went on the walk with you viewing these photos.

forsythia said...

Your lovely photos made me homesick. Spring is running riot down here, despite the chilly, rainy days we've had and nighttime temperatures down in the 30's. Redbuds are one of Phil's favorite trees. He's tried to get some started down here, but has not been very successful. (He has pots of baby trees all over the place.)