Tuesday, July 7, 2009


As many of you know, I had surgery to replace the bones in my ears 20 years ago. Lately I have been having problems understanding speech especially in church and last week in Montreal. It isn't a matter of volume. I can "hear" noise. I'm having trouble discriminating sounds. Background noises are intruding more than they used to. Hearing aid users know exactly what I'm talking about.

Well, I'm thrilled to get an appointment at Eye & Ear in Pittsburgh for 22 July. I expected to have to wait until sometime in the fall. I won't mind having hearing aids if that will help. I hate the embarrassment of having to ask a person to repeat. I don't understand people who, for cosmetic reasons, refuse to wear a hearing aid. Trying to communicate with them is frustrating for others. I'm sure several folks have felt that way about me lately. I hope there is a solution which will last another 20 years at least!

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forsythia said...

I'm with you. Let me know how this all turns out. I lost all the hearing in my right ear from meningitis at age 3 and got along OK for years. At around 40, I began having trouble with speech. Got a hearing aid soon after and never regretted it. Phil says I'm less gregarious than I was when younger. I still have trouble in some situations, and I hate it when people all start talking at once. Since I just have one ear, I'm always at a loss to know where the sound is coming from. People will call my name in the supermarket, for instance, and I have no idea where they are. People think this is funny. A hearing aid takes some getting used to. Some sounds REALLY stand out. A grocery bag being crumpled sounds like a house on fire.