Tuesday, July 28, 2009


in Congress would be better off if they just shut up. The longer they talk, the more they repeat their unbelievable prejudices and lies, the less respect I have for anyone who claims to be either Republican or conservative. I suppose they should be admired for their ability to stir up the fearful and stupids among us. At that they are very effective. Ugh.

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Anonymous said...

I very much abhor the fact that the right-wing nuts have been so successful in framing much of the political discussion of the day that they have convinced many (even those in the media, who ought to know better) that the extreme, hateful, and anti-human positions that they are adopting on a whole host of issues ought to be described by the (previously respectable) term 'conservative.' I very much beg to differ ! These people are little more than hateful, contemptible right-wing radicals and not true conservatives in any meaningful sense.