Sunday, August 23, 2009

Monster squash

These are squashes. The spot on one is my iPhone. They are huge.

The one they have cut up and used weighed 33 pounds.

And there are more.

And more coming.
And there are even more around the front of the house plus some vines that grew out back as well. They rarely get a frost here. They may have squash all year? And we thought zucchini was prolific.
Perhaps someday the squash will overwhelm the fountain?


Suzer said...

Gorgeous gourds! :)

Janis Bland said...

I have decided that zucchini can successfully be grown in Antarctica. In fact, they will likely thrive in a nuclear holocaust along with cockroaches.

Ann said that someone left a bunch of ginormous zuchs in the breakroom. Later she came back and found that someone had taken the hugest one and put a diaper on it.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

This is the time of the summer for it, isn't it? I have three zucchini almost full-sized in the back along with five yellow squash that are getting close.

My poor husband is already squashed out.