Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday cat blogging

Only one cat photo so far today and it is most unusual. Dudie allowing Little One to lap up the warm milk and egg mixture with him. Light streak from the door is unavoidable unfortunately. Little One isn't so little now.

Meanwhile it is fall here. The silver maple on the right is always the last to lose leaves. The red leaved white oak on the left was found while mowing years ago and carefully preserved. The live oak next to it is probably the same age - around 40. And, yes, I've been here longer than 40 years. The black or choke - don't know which - cherry tree is quickly losing its leaves and giving Little One something to chase. When the two oaks lose their leaves, I'll know spring is here.

I'm happy to be back in turtlenecks and sweats. I love summer but I also love fall, winter and spring. I'm blessed to be able to live where I'd like to live.

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