Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday shuffle

1. I Want to go Back to Dixie - Tom Lehrer
2. Sleep Walk - Santo and Johnny
3. Handel: Judas Maccabaeus, Overture - McGehan, UC Barkeley, Philharmonia Baroque
4. Snoopy vs the Red Baron - Royal Guardsmen
5. Einhorn: Voices of Light, I. Exclamavit - Anonymous 4
6. Atlantis - Donovan
7. Fissinger: Lux Aeterna - Cathedral Choral Society
8. Oj Mischpoche - Jowel Klezmorim
9. How Little - Rajaton
10. Piece of my Heart - Big Brother and The Holding Company
Too complicated to try to go to YouTube on this little old Mac. You'll have to look them up yourself. Sorry.

1 comment:

Padre Mickey said...

Back in my pop-star days, we did a version of Atlantis. A local band, The Endmen, had a hit titled "A Letter From Constance." We used to do a version of it which segued into Atlantis. Even the Endmen preferred our version!

Great list.