Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Friday cat blogging on Wednesday

Dudie now has his own box on the middle shelf of the cathouse. PuddyTat changed boxes yesterday so Little One took over the box with the heating pad.


susan s. said...

They seem to share most of the time, eh? Or is it just the pecking order that allows these seemed sharings? ;-)

clumber said...

I dunno... unless that's a box from a washer or dryer, I'm thinking a slightly bigger box might be in order! Dudie seems, ah, healthy!!! And snug!

PseudoPiskie said...

Dudie was actually semi-standing when I took the photo. There is plenty of room for him when he curls up. He seems to like it because he only leaves to eat and, um, eliminate. I want the boxes to be as small as possible to keep their heat in. That is not a problem in Panama.

PuddyTat is the matriarch of the bunch. She is also somewhat fickle. Why she abandoned the box with the heat, she won't say. She does move around in better weather and sleeps I know not where most of the time. Tim is a homebody and has always stayed in the carport, now garage.