Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another snowy morning

We have lots of snow - almost up to the top of my muck boots but I haven't measured. The tops of a couple of the feeders are frozen so I couldn't get them off. There are 11 in all at the moment so the birds won't starve.
This is the view from my yard to the neighbors. Pretty, isn't it?
A mouse has taken up residence in the wren house on the left. No, that isn't a mouse eye. It had already run. I hope I can capture it with the camera eventually.

PuddyTat seems to have accepted Little One finally. I think the two of them spent the night together in Dudie's larger box on the middle shelf of the cathouse. Little One is the only feline who has been out cavorting in the deep snow so far today.

Prayers for Dudie, please. I hope to be able to lure him far enough into the kitchen that I can capture him Monday then take him to the vet for the final, perhaps only time.


forsythia said...

Sorry to hear about Dudie.

The pictures are beautiful. They remind me of the snows of my childhood. Of course, we had 21 inches here before Christmas, but that was very unusual.

Anonymous said...

The pics are beautiful .. thank you for sharing them. I love snow but alas we only get slushy rain. Maybe 2 or 3 days of snow at the most.