Saturday, March 6, 2010

Friday cat blogging on Saturday

Little One sticks his nose into Tommie's breakfast.
Tom enjoys the sun and warmth from the sun on the siding. He is a tired battered old warrior this time of year.
Little One sat still just long enough for a photo. He was under the neighbor's porch earlier when I took their mail over. I suspect that will be a stinky place when the sun warms it up.
Even Dudie was out and about.
PuddyTat is still mad at me for going away.
Tim munches on the canned food I put out for Tommie.
PuddyTat took a few bites too. Little One approached but knows better than to horn in on the matriarch of the clan.
Four of the clan enjoying the sun. Tommie, Little One, PuddyTat and Tim in the foreground.

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