Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday cat blogging on Saturday

I love the way the cats avoid looking at each other. PuddyTat really wants to get up to her place on the kitchen windowsill but she faces the three grey boys. Little One is in the way.
Meanwhile Jellico has returned and is on the cathouse roof for the first time. Dude isn't happy about that.
Earlier PuddyTat wanted her place but Dudie was there. I opened the window which caused Dude to move away. PuddyTat immediately came thru the other box. There was a tense standoff with Dude obviously unhappy and PuddyTat stubbornly staying in place. Paws were raised but no fight. Then Jellico jumped up and PuddyTat left. The girls don't want anything to do with him. Eventually Jellico left and PT was on the windowsill with Dude and Little One in the two boxes. Now Dudie is in the box but the others are probably stalking the night creatures for protein supplements. Fun to watch while doing dishes.

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