Monday, April 12, 2010

The collapsing white male power structure

The Anglican Communion is splintering - if voluntary association can yield splinters - thanks to white males who believe they and only they have all right knowledge about Godde and the Bible. Yes, I know the Africans are not white but they are financed by wealthy American white males.

The Roman Catholic Church is headed by white males who seem convinced of their infallibility and determined to convince their flock that they had nothing to do with the men who abused others despite damning evidence to the contrary.

The majority of the people saying untrue and nasty things about the Obama administration and refusing to do anything for their constituents seem to be white males who once upon a time held power and will do and say anything to regain it. Even the teabaggers, bless their naive, uneducated souls, seem to be populated by older white males.

White males are losing the control they once had of the US and Europe and many Christian denominations. Their desperate attempts to maintain control are destroying the US, the Roman Catholic Church and other organizations once their exclusive playgrounds.

How can we encourage them to grow, convince them they are still important to society, let them know they are loved while tempering their testosterone driven fear/mistrust/hatred of women, LGBTs, non-whites?

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