Monday, April 26, 2010

Prayers, please - updated

Please keep Eileen (Eak) in your prayers today. She will undergo surgery to remove her thyroid and the cancer around it sometime after noon EDT. The major concern is whether the cancer has spread. Her support team is in place, thank Godde.

Hi, everyone,

Eileen asked me to update you on her surgery today. At 2 o'clock this afternoon, her surgeon reported that the surgery "went perfectly." The full pathology report will be available on Thursday, but his report today was very positive.

Eileen will spend the night in the hospital, and is expected to be discharged tomorrow morning. She plans to lay low for a few days, and will be in touch when she's feeling a little more like herself.

So, according to all reports, all is well. Thank you for thinking about her and praying for her ... it worked.


klady said...

Prayers ascending for Eileen.

forsythia said...

Prayers for Eileen.

whiteycat said...

Will pray for Eileen.

Paul said...

je46Since I came to this late, prayers for Eileen as test results return and as things move forward.

Paul said...

Sorry about the opening typo.