Friday, June 25, 2010

CMAA Duquesne University 2010

A few photos of the Duquesne University campus where I've spent the week with Catholics who love Gregorian Chant. There are more photos available here. Some even have people in them.

These bushes have three colors of flowers. Interesting.
Palms seem a little out of place in Pittsburgh.

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Cheryle said...

I'm not certain, but your flowers appear to be hydrangea which will bloom different colors depending on the acidity of the soil. If they're transplanted, they can bloom in different colors on the same plant (as in your photo) while they acclimate. They're beautiful flowers, ranging from deep pink (almost red) to the most exquisite deep blue, with all shades in between. There are also white hydrangeas, which are apparently NOT affected by the soil's acidity, but may, as the plant ages, change color anyway!