Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Very puffy right hand complete with 8 or so cat bites. Immediately after letting PuddyTat loose at home I went to the doctor for an antibiotic on orders from the vet. Took several hours to see the doc. Glad I had crossword puzzles in the car. Kinda tough not being able to hold something since I can't close my hand. But at least washing dishes didn't start any of it bleeding again. Guess I'll heal.

And PuddyTat will recover from her respiratory troubles, I hope. Needless to say she comes to eat but won't get within 6 feet of me.


forsythia said...

Wow, sorry about that!

Cheryle said...

So glad you went to the doctor! My cat bit me in the meaty part of my hand just below the thumb a few years ago, and it ended up infected. Happy to have antibiotics!

Heal quickly, my friend.

whiteycat said...

Sorry to hear that Puddy Tat got the better of you. Obviously you are not going to try to administer a pill! I guess the best you can do is put it in her food and hope that she eats it. Kitties are tough to handle at times. I used to sprinkle the antibiotic on tuna juice and Whitey would lap it right up.

Prayers for a speedy recovery for both of you.