Monday, July 19, 2010

St. Sarah's Episcopal Church, Chenango Bridge, NY

On Sunday, I visited Saint Mark's Episcopal Church in Chenango Bridge, NY for the 10 am service. If you're curious about the title to this post, read Father Mark Giroux's sermon here. This could be my parish home if I lived anywhere nearby. Friendly people. Much laughter. If you live in the Binghamton area, you should visit.
The altar was carved by a nun I was told.
The hangings on the sides were done by one of the parishioners. This is the detail of the bottom of the one on the left.
Much of the work in the church is done by the parishioners. They built the organ loft. They have also done the windows which didn't photograph well in the bright sunlight.

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Andy said...

Actually, to be completely correct, the hangings on the wall were done by our priest's wife, Paula. She also did the stole that Mark has on in the pictures, and 2 or 3 of the stained glass windows that didn't photo very well. She's done (as I remember) 3 sets of hangings for the wall. Plus she's the organist (and a good one!) at another Episcopal church in the area. We were delighted that you visited and found St. "Sarah's" so welcoming!