Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday cat blogging - updated

This nasty typical fall sky over Conneaut Lake didn't yield any rain but, with the chilly nights lately, it did urge me to make warmer shelters for my feline family. A few hours later the sky created a spectacularly gorgeous sunset but I couldn't find a place to stop to take a photo.
So... yesterday the cats got two new boxes. Only Jellico is home today but PuddyTat took possession of the larger one upstairs last night.
Maybe I'll make another one for downstairs in case Dudie will use it.

Tonight LittleOne and PuddyTat are home. Of course the smaller cat has the larger box. PT has taken over the newer box which I made larger either for LO or for when it is really cold and two cats huddle.


Kirin said...

What a cozy cat hostel you provide! I love the kitty widget on your page, by the way. It's amazingly complex and fun!

Lindy said...

So do your cats have it made or what?