Friday, September 17, 2010

Grump, Part 2

This is the tree and some debris from the car. The tree had a couple of damaged spots which makes me wonder if the car rolled the tree a bit which may have helped get over it. Where it was hit, the tree was about a foot in diameter. It was a poplar, I think, which is pretty soft wood.
This is what it did to the guardrail. The top of the tree and lots of branches are in the creek on the other side.
The owner of the only auto body place I will allow to touch my cars is away so I won't know more until next week sometime. They are approved by my insurer too. The Prius is at home there having been a deer magnet in its early life. I'm now driving a stealth Buick with Ohio plates and PA inspection stickers. I've never owned a GM car because they are made for people who aren't built like me. By the time I get the seat close enough to reach the pedals, the steering wheel is under my chin. But this car is old enough that I can barely see over the wheel.

Oh, yes, I removed and saved the bumper stickers.

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motheramelia said...

I bet you could have done without this extra excitement. Oh and my wv=hologged. I think this is what happened to you and the prius.